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Current Special Ounces Deals

OG Kush x Gas Basket

2oz Special Gas Basket / OG Kush

Original price was: $270.00.Current price is: $200.00.
Lindsey OG Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Lindsay OG, also known as “Lindsay,” “Lindsay Kush” or “Lindsay OG Kush,”
2oz special MKU + Ice Cream

2oz Special MK Ultra / Ice Cream

Original price was: $265.00.Current price is: $220.00.
Ice Cream Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Ice Cream is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with

AAA White Truffle + Bliss 1080mg Pack Deals

Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $165.00.
AAA White Truffle + Bliss 1080mg (Daydream or Sweet Escape)

AAA Platinum Blueberry+ Bliss 1080mg Pack Deals

Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $165.00.
AAA Platinum Blueberry + Bliss 1080mg (Daydream or Sweet Escape)

Mix & Match AAA 2oz Specials !

Pick ANY 2 ounces for $230 ! 1oz at $130 - SECOND oz is ONLY AN ADDITIONAL $100 !

Cannabis is a Cannabis is a Cannabis. Right? Wrong.

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Take a look at the wide variety of best cannabis deals which include the best weed deals under $99 and the best Oz weeds deals in Canada.

These best deals on weed can be generally categorized into many special groups. Nicotine deal is one such category that requires your attention which lists Allo Disposable Vape Ultra 1600, STLTH Vape Pods, and STLTH Vape Devices. You will also find edibles – bunnies, gummy bars, and teddies to name a few. Don’t miss out on particularly the mushroom-infused Gummies from Dames Gummy Co. There are distillates, shatters, Pre-Rolls, and many 2 oz special deals.

Dive into our range of special deals on cannabis.

Granddaddy Purple, Wiz Tang, Acai Berry Gelato 49, Grease Monkey X Wedding Cake, Grease Monkey x Pink Diabolo, King Louie XIII, OG Kush, Green Crack Punch and Stankasaurus * a rare genetic*.

Bhang-Bhang D9 syringe (Delta 9 THC distillate), Zoomtea mix match (300×300), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (10 units), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (5 units), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (3 units), and Bhang-Bhang King Size Pre-Rolls (14g)

QP Specials:

$760 QP Combo, $600 QP Combo, and $440 QP Combo

Oz Special Deals:

2oz Special Pine Tar Wedding Cake (2oz Special Wedding cake/Pine Tar), Pink Diabolo-Dolato (2Oz Special Dolato/Pink Diablo, Bubba (popcorn nugs), 2oz Special Wiz Tang/Black Diamond, 2oz Special Dolato/Black Diamond 1g Shatter, 2oz Special Pine Tar/Black Diamond – 1g Shatter, 2oz Special Og Kush x Wedding Cake, 2oz Special Wedding Cake/Dolato, Oz Special Wedding Cake, 2oz Special Slurricane/Super Pink Kush, and Oz Special-Super Pink Kush.

Special Deals on Cannabis Edibles:

Mary’s Edibles Ultra Strength Westcoast Teddies, Mary’s Edible Ultra Strength Sativa Bunnies, Mary’s Edibles Ludicrous Strength Indica Gummy Bar, Mary’s Ludicrous Strength Sativa Gummy Bar, Pine Tar Bulk, Bhang Pre-Rolls 7-g, Infused Gummy (Mix & match), Dames Mix & Match, Mix & Match Twisted Extracts, Dames Fruit Flavoured Mushroom Infused Gummy 3000mg (Cherry), Dose Gummies DUO, and Alice Mushroom Gummies pack.

Nicotine Specials Deals:

Allo Disposable Vape Ultra 1600 (nicotine specials), STLTH Vape Pods (Nicotine), and STLTH Vape Device (Nicotine).

Mix & Match Specials Deals:

AAAA Mix & Match, AAA Mix & Match, AA Mix & March, Adorable Chocolate Mix & Match, Panda Shatter Cartridges (Mix & Match), Bliss Edibles 200 mg Mix & Match, Infused Gummy (Mix & match), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (10 units), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (5 units), Astro Quads D9 Vape Cartridges Mix & Match (3 units) and Infused Gummy (Mix & match).

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