Baroness Edibles

Cannabis edibles are adored. Why? It is simply for the simple reasons that the effects of cannabis edibles are more intense and full-bodied. And of course, these effects last much longer. The peace and pleasure are enhanced. Not to mention edibles are more discreet and healthier than smoking.

Baroness Just Peachy CBD (375mg)

Baroness Just Peachy CBD (375mg)


Baroness Edibles – Just Peachy CBD (375mg)

CBD Content: 75mg 5 pieces per pack

Baroness Unicorn 500mg

Baroness Unicorns 500mg Even, potent doses. comes in 2 flavors - Raspberry Pineapple - Tangerine Apricot   KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Baroness Bones 250mg THC

Baroness Bones 250mg Even, potent doses. Each bag has 5 pieces of 50mg each totaling 250mg. Flavors in each bag: blueberry, cherry, grapefruit, peach, pineapple   KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Baroness Comatose Quackers 250mg THC


Baroness Comatose Quackers 250mg THC

10 pieces at 25mg THC each Flavour(s): Pineapple, Peach, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Green Apple   Baroness strives to produce the highest quality of products. Everything is made in-house, using only the finest ingredients.

Baroness Baron Bucks 500mg


Baroness Baron Bucks 500mg

5 pieces per package | 100MG of THC per piece | 500MG THC total per package Flavour(s): Blue Raspberry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon + a Lemon twist

Baroness This Little Piggy 10:1 CBD:THC


Baroness Edibles -This Little Piggy 10:1 CBD:THC

1000mg CBD & 100mg THC Per Package 5 Pieces per package. 100mg CBD & 10mg THC Per Piece Flavour(s): Cherry Pineapple, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemonade, Tropical Punch Baroness strives to produce the highest quality of products. Everything is made in-house, using only the finest ingredients. Enjoy Responsibly!

Cannabis edible when ingested are dealt with by the digestive system. In about 2 hours THC begins to cast its full effect. This is when the liver transforms THC into a completely different chemical compound – 11-hydroxy THC. This particular compound, when it hits your brain, stirs even more mind-blowing effects than its progenitor, THC.

So, what better way to explore the goodness of cannabis edibles than reaching out to a bowl full of Baroness edible? Baroness edibles are second to none.

Baroness edible serves up gummies that are infused both with THC and CBD. You can select any and decide what you want to do with these mouth-watering body and soul-stirring treats.

Our stock of cannabis edible from Baroness Edibles is an interesting mix of CBD and THC-infused edibles. We have – Baroness This Little Piggy, Baroness Just Peachy CBD, Baroness Baron Bucks, Baroness Comatose Quakers, Baroness Unicorn, and Baroness Bones.

If you are in the mood for a shot of THC, we suggest ordering Baroness Baron Buck 500MG THC infused candies. You will get 5 candies each packed with a calculated amount of 100mg THC for every candy. The other interesting aspect is that you can choose from different flavors namely – Blue Raspberry, Peach Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon with a twist of Lemon.

Baroness Just Peachy is pure CBD-infused gummy. So, when staying away from THC is on your mind, we suggest picking Baroness Just Peachy. This pack gets you 5 gummies each with 75mg of CBD isolate in it. Attend to your aches and pains with it.

But when you need to enjoy the best of CBD and THC, you cannot go wrong with Baroness This Little Piggy.

It is faithfully packed with CBD and THC in a ratio of 10:1. This pack serves you with meticulously measured 1000mg CBD and 100mg THC in 10 carefully prepared pieces. Each piggy-shaped gummy dishes out 100mg CBD and 10mg THC. What’s more! This particular pack is available in different flavors – Cherry Pineapple, Blood Orange, Lemonade Tropical Punch, Grapefruit. Buyers even love their eclectic names. But it’s their cute Lil piggy shape that makes you pout like piggy in absolute adoration.

But it is our prices that are perfect deal sweeteners for you. You will find the best prices for Baroness Edibles with us. To be honest, only a few edibles fly faster off the shelves than Baroness edible candies and gummies.

Practice caution! As it’s hard to resist them. So, pop ‘em with care. Let us reiterate that edibles take time to get their hoodoo or spell or charm (whatever you may call it) working. But their effects are much more robust and meatier.

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