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Cannabis edibles are the new and novel way to consume cannabis. Ingesting cannabis stirs new experiences as cannabis takes a different route to delight your senses. In fact, it is scientifically proven that our body takes a longer time to absorb and assimilate the THC from cannabis edibles. Hence, THC stimulates our system for a much longer duration than after smoking or vaping cannabis. In short, the effects of ingesting cannabis edibles stay for an appreciably longer span of time in comparison to when cannabis is smoked or vaped.

This is why cannabis-infused gummies are exciting. Cannabis-infused gummies are purposely formulated to gratify your senses. And, there is one company producing these almost magical gummies like no one else.

Dames Gummy Co. is one of the best companies producing premium quality cannabis-infused gummies in Canada. Dames Gummy Co., is a trusted name in cannabis edibles. The top-end gummies bearing Dames Gummy Co’s name are cleverly infused with THC. Quality-conscious Dames Gummy Co. uses only the best THC ingredients for making their gummies.

The wide range of cannabis-enriched gummies too will surprise you. You can savor different fruit-flavored gummies. Sample the rich range of Dames gummies – Dames Mix & Match, Dames Fruit Flavoured, Dames Fruit Flavoured Mushroom Infused Gummy (Orange), Dames Gummy Co. Orange, Dames Gummy Co. Blue Raspberry, Dames Gummy Co. Grape, Dames Gummy Co. Cherry Coke, Dames Gummy Co. Pina Colada, Dames Gummy Co. Grapefruit, Dames Gummy Co. Cherry, Dames Gummy Co. Green Apple, Dames Gummy Co. Strawberry, Dames Gummy Co. Orange Creamsicle, Dames Gummy Co. Mixed Fruit, Dames Gummy Co. Cola, Dames Gummy Co. Mango, Dames Gummy Co. Watermelon, Dames Gummy Co. Pineapple THC oil infused gummy.

All these are available with us. Order your supplies of Dames gummies with us, online.

If you are confused about which one to pick, we strongly suggest going for Dames Mix & Match. Here you can choose six fruit flavors each with a total of 200mg THC at $100 only. Dames Mix & Match – it is the best pack of gummies you will ever lay your hands on.

Dames Gummy Co. gummies available with us also include a range of gummies that are infused with Psilocybin – the psychotropic compound found in magic mushrooms. Dames Fruit Flavoured Mushroom Infused Gummy 3000 mg (Strawberry) is one such psilocybin infused gummy. This pack serves 3000mg psilocybin in 12 cute strawberry-flavored gummies. Each gummy is packed with a 250gm microdose of psilocybin. We know psilocybin-rich mushrooms when taken raw, taste bitter. But with Dames gummies, all you get is a definite taste of strawberry with the therapeutic benefit of psilocybin.

All the relevant information is available on our website and as well as on product labels. So, please read the product label carefully before ordering your Dames Gummy with us. Please note, it takes 30-60 minutes for a gummy produced by Dames Gummy Co to take full effect. These are indeed tasty treats but loaded with potent psychoactive agents – THC and Psilocybin. Hence, we strongly suggest – start small.

Dames Gummy Co. has taken cannabis confectionery to another level with their gummies.